3 Ohio State football vs Arkansas State Highlights | College Football Week 2 | 2022 College Football

Ohio State football vs Arkansas State Highlights. Offense is gonna be pretty dangerous when JSN comes back, looks like Stroud is finding his groove. Defense is looking superior out there. I believe we got the best pass rushers in the country. If we can keep it up and that do that against top teams. We can’t really be stopped. And we can bring a trophy home.

I love games like this . Yk the big top ranked teams gonna win , but for the other team it’s nothing but opportunities, to transfer, to get scholarships from bigger schools, just a lot of opportunities when a small school plays some big division school.

I get this a super aggressive defense, but that was too many offsides. Burke was a non factor last week and today he was complete dog shit. Makes you wonder if he’s suited for Knowles system? The defense overall was inconsistent, but they held Arkansas St to four field goals. The offense was better, but the refs missed that touchdown when Harrison broke the plane.

Amazing performance by Stroud! While Bryce Young struggled, Stroud balled out! Man I was to see jaxson smith and Fleming hope they get healthy.

Henderson has some seriously Barry like moves. I’ve never seen a college kid look like Okla State Barry as much as this kid. Pretty crazy to think that Ohio State most likely has two future top 5 draft pick WR playing on the same field.

In fact, the other guy (Ebecca or however it is spelled) is also a stud and probably is a first rounder as well. How the hell did the Buckeyes land so many top end receivers, damn.

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We’re a good team. Way too many penalties slowed us down today (slowed momentum). If Clemson doesn’t overwhelm, we should move up to #2 over Bama. Well that’s if Notre Dame can put Marshall away.

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