698!! Albert Pujols homers again to continue his climb towards 700!

Here are all about, 698!! Albert Pujols homers again to continue his climb towards 700! Albert isn’t just hitting homers, he’s hitting a lot of clutch homers this season too. Phenomenal.

Albert is not just hitting home runs, but he is also one of the Cards best hitters this year. It’s amazing at age 42 what he still has left. As already mentioned below, his home runs are clutch when the team has really needed them.

In the most clutch moments albert comes through yet again. What this man is doing right now is amazing. Appreciate it. You may not see it again. I have loved Albert Pujols’ Career since 2003… He amado la carrera de Albert Pujols desde el 2003! Dominican Power.

I used to always pick Albert number 1 overall in my fantasy draft playing MVP Baseball 2005. It’s utterly mind blowing that he is still in the league… much less launching dingers left and right like he has been. I think I will tear up if Albert hit 700HR, and I am not even a baseball fan. All I know is you don’t take greatness for granted.

It’s so amazing that literally everyone in baseball is rooting for ol’ Albert. Every player, every staff, every sportscaster, even a few Cubs fans. Just the greatest hitter and the greatest human. I’m a life long mariners fan. And I want nothing more for this season than for Albert to get 700. Nobody deserves it more than him. He is just inctedible.

Seeing a legendary player like Pujols having a season like this at the end of his career is magical. On a less serious note, that “Big Mac Land” sign in left field always makes me want McDonald’s.

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I’m grateful to have witnessed Albert Pujols hit a home run in St Louis last year, granted he was wearing a Dodgers uniform (my team) Seeing the love and admiration the Cardinal fans have for Tío Albert is something I’ll never forget. Much respect to Albert and his adoring fans.

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