Consumer Alert: AIG Travel Insurance

This is a consumer alert if you plan to buy travel insurance. Here you will know aig travel insurance.You may wonder about the value of travel insurance and whether it’s worth the amount of money. And how long it takes to get paid. Well, here’s an update! we applied in march following a rotator cuff surgery. My shoulder was operated on i’ve been going through rehab. As you can tell and we’re now in july and that would be march, april, may, june, july and i’m sure any moment now our refund will be coming. It’s going to be exciting to get that money because, we haven’t benefited from the trip. And we’ve been waiting.

AIG travel insurance

And of course the ig number takes a long time to get through. But we’ll stay on top of this until justice is served. This is bob caplets in dallas texas, but wait on the website. It says here’s something refreshing when you need to make a claim, you can be sure we’re ready to help. We’re not here to slow. You down or bury, you in a bunch of red tape. You have insurance for a reason. And when something goes wrong, we’re going to do our best to make it right. What’s more we’re friendly honestly concerned and proactive with solutions. So no run around here. Just empathetic people who truly want to help make your troubles amazing.

And when there’s a bump in the road, we’re right there with you well. We have a bump in the road. Let’s see what happens, we’ll keep you posted. This just in and this is a pure coincidence jeffrey rutledge. The president and ceo of the company happened to get his mba from the same school. Where i taught in the mba program. The values of the program were very high and the values of his company are also high. i’m sure he’ll deliver and do the right thing all the best to you.

Is AIG Good travel insurance?

AIG travel insurance is among the best highly rated insurance companies. So you can use it without any worry

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