Anchor Lynette Romero Reveal Her Atractive TV Gig After KTLA Drama

Do you know what Anchor Lynette announced? Here are all about Anchor Lynette Romero Reveal Her Atractive TV Gig After KTLA Drama. I’m glad for her. I hope she looks out for Mark. Let’s give NBC some great ratings. She deserves a higher profile platform. Love that she is a high class lady.

Many of his fans think that A big loss for KTLA. 100%. Mark is a man of integrity! A friend for life! His parents/guardian raised him well. KTLA was horrible and now has lost many viewers due to how they all handled this.

I’m boycotting KTLA NEWS, due to their lousy treatment of Mark Mester& in their lack of respecting Lynette Romero and her fans … see you on KNBC and wherever you emerge Mark !! Bye bye KTLA.

This is such a shame I loved Lynette and Mark especially and I always watched KTLA but I guess I’ll be moving to NBC now. Goodbye KTLA! All my best to Mark and Lynette in their future endeavours. Anybody would be lucky to have them!

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I’m very happy for both. Honestly and integrity matter! The channel executives have a plan to sink KTLA for sure. Yes!   Happy for both!  She has a great new job in journalism.   He is applying for entry level fast food positions in Hollywood.  That’s what I heard.

I can’t even watch the weekend morning show without Lynette, she’s so freaking hot, beautiful and professional, I will be following her to NBC for sure, love this Woman!

They offered to let her record a goodbye from her home not in the studio like they have let everyone else. Now with Mark and Lynette gone I’m done with that station. Just a matter of time until the rest of the originals leave. POOR MANAGEMENT CAN RUIN A BUSINESS!!

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Awesome new good fortune Lynette. Seems when Chris went on to the Great Beyond, things really unraveled for so many at ktla. Hope Mark is also able to land firmly upon his feet with similar good fortune! Best of Amazing success Lynette!

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