Best Highlights: NASCAR Cup Series at Texas

Here are all about NASCAR Cup Series at Texas. NASCAR My favorite moment of the race is when they showed Cody Ware’s destroyed the car but not the replay of the accident. Ik what happened. He lost steering out of 4 and tried to go up for god knows what. And we’re lucky he didn’t go any farther than the 20 pit stall.

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I’m surprised that there wasn’t any more concussions since there was a lot of crashes that were like Kurt’s. Can we just appreciate how almost none of the causes of the accidents were shown? I’d like to see what caused the Ware accident to begin with, but all we got was him hitting pit road. I feel like a 5 year old could be a better broadcast director.

favorite part was when everyone blew a right rear tire… roughly the same place on the track. Richard Childress while watching his car blow away the field last 30 laps:”Boy I sure hope this Kyle Busch thing works out!”

I hope KB comes out in ’23 and just smokes the competition. I would love to hear him say, “I’m keeping JGR out of victory lane.” Love him or hate him, he got screwed over a bit by JGR and Hamlin.

NASCAR says they didn’t see this incident. What a joke. Hamlin gets spun out under caution, rejoins, then gets sent to the back for not maintaining caution pace… because he was spun out. This new car has equaled the playing field but someone’s gonna get hurt really bad before long.

I’m surprised with all the Goodyear tire problems, NASCAR didn’t mention a word about the tire issues on their website. What’s up with all the right rears going down? This track seems to have some unique demands on the tires and settings.

This tire issue is kind of embarrassing. NASCAR has gotta figure that out. Seems almost weekly that it’s an issue. Harvick wrecks full speed on a crash that should cause injury, and still finished on the lead lap somehow.

So, Goodyear gets to play a part in determining who is going to win the Championship. Goodyear’s monopoly on tires needs to be ended. The owners need to be able to opt for tires from other tire companies. As long as Goodyear has a monopoly they have no incentive to produce better tires.

Seems like most of the tire issues lately have been with the CHASE contenders. They are the hard chargers who demand so much more from their cars, the Goodyear tires can’t take it. Time for some competition from the tire industry.

Ah yes the tire wars. That didn’t end disastrously the first 2 times. The teams will choose the faster tire that shreds itself and blowouts will increase. No one is going to use the tire that is 3 tenths slower per lap. They didn’t before and they wouldn’t now.

New to nascar. Just had a quick question. So since it’s the playoffs, what we’re to happen if let’s say Kyle Busch were to win a race. Does he stay eliminated since he wasn’t in the top 16. Or does he return to the playoffs.

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He stays eliminated. The playoffs are 10 races and they use the first 9 races to cut down the field – 16 to 12 (where we’re currently at)  to 8 (after race 6) and then the last 4 have a winner take all finale in Phoenix.

nascar need’s to really rethink this new car, it looks more dangerous than the old cars. Honestly kyle busch being out of the playoffs kinda ruined the season for me until Phoenix.

The editing just keeps getting worse and worse. At least Indycar gives you actual highlights, and a true sense of how the race played out. All nascar seems interested in is tire failures and restarts.

NASCAR needs to go back to the drawing board on the NEXGEN cars. They are completely unpredictable. At the same time Goodyear needs to do the same with tires. Really best thing to do is just scrap NASCAR.

They have taken a good old American sport and ruined it. There is no brand competition like it was 50 years ago. I would rather watch paint dry than some of the races today. More news click here 

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