Best of Thursday Night Football with Dude Perfect

Here are Best of Thursday Night Football with Dude Perfect. The NFL signed a contract with a premium network to show Thursday night football to a very small and limited audience, I hope the ratings tanks.

Are you ready for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime?

Personally, I’ve completely separated myself from Professional Sports because of how Political and WOKE it all has become. Very Sad, but I have to stand up to my values by never watching another Pro Game again (Even the Super Bowl) until they’ve cleaned up their acts.

which will, realistically speaking, probably never happen. If one WATCHES pro sports, then they are Supporting pro sports..which I do not. I’ll just stick to my Tennis. My two cents worth for whatever that counts.

I would not pay Amazon a dime, period. Nice to find out just hours before the game. I would rather never watch an NFL game then to buy Prime just for this. Now I hear they will be on Prime for 11 years. Okay let’s just forget about Thursday Night Football on TV.

If Goodell and the NFL continue to promote more than one national anthem, I am out regardless of media. There is a thing now called stagflation and expecting ppl to pay for this premium service isn’t gonna be as easy as they think…hope it tanks

Thanks NFL for putting the game on a premium channel! Cable, Spectrum internet,dish ext. Not going down in price. Thank God for Tucker, Carlson Shawn Hannity. Grab 12 of your friends, some chips and beer, and gather around your 6 inch phone screen. Sounds awesome.

Haven’t watched the NFL in years. Don’t plan to start now or ever. If they can’t be bothered to stand and show a little respect for those that gave all for this country during the National Anthem I can’t be bothered to watch them.

Am already paying to much for cable, not signing up for more I can do without Thursday night football and prime.

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