Biden Set To Campaign On Labor Day In Key Battleground States

Biden Set To Campaign On Labor Day In Key Battleground States. Biden had to rent a small bus this time. The turnouts are expected to go over 4 people. That’s an extreme estimate though. Experts say it’ll be around 2 people who will show up.

Pres Biden has 1000s people at his rallies. He fills stadiums. His speeches are so crisp and he delivers it so well. President Biden is doing a great job

I had doubts about if anyone could get through the mess Trump had left of things But he is doing really great and getting things done.

Even though he has had to fight the republicans every step of the way. Just keep up the work President Biden. You have people who are on your side.

He already started with his pet marines standing formal attendance. Got the Jill pick up and delivery method worked out so the moron stops getting lost. Good lord, the hate that poured off that man was stunning.

I heard they almost hired the Easter Bunny to be his handler for the evening. the more I think about it the more l liked Biden’s speech the other night in the original German.

Go President Biden, you never stop working for all Americans. We Will WIN. Vote Blue and save our freedoms off DEMOCRACY and the constitution for our children and theirs. Have a good Labor Day today. Edit Trump’s Trolls ahead alert.

Pennsylvania is proud to have Joe Biden show up on Labor Day. Please remember the thirteen soldiers that perished last year because of Brandon’s botched withdrawal. Benedict Brandon and his voters want you to forget!

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What’s he going to do give Fetterman the key to the basement. Can’t debate on his record so needs Joe’s basement until it’s over. president biden looks like mr burns from the simpsons.

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