How To Build and Launch Your First Online Course While Avoiding the Pain, Frustration and Delays Of Doing It Alone

Fellow Entrepreneur,

Welcome back to the Big Leap Bootcamp – now in Part 2 of the program, we will be planning your course offering.

(You have not done Part 1 yet? Then I suggest you start there. In Part 1 we are creating the strategy for your online business  that includes online courses and group programs.)

The Big Leap Bootcamp® gives you the benefit of avoiding all the costly mistakes I made and all the delays I encountered when figuring out the process of creating courses and group programs.

That means you can now:

  • Cut your expenses and time-to-market by a huge margin
  • Eliminate any fear of technology and online marketing
  • Stop the nagging worry that you don’t have what it takes
  • And overcome the paralysis of not knowing where to start

The Big Leap Bootcamp is brought to you by Petra Mayer Consulting in four parts:

Part 1: Strategy for Your Online Courses

Part 2: Planning Your Course 

Part 3: Creating Your Course

Part 4: Course Publishing and Launching

I recommend that you follow through all four parts in sequence to get most value.

This program is Part 2 – Planning Your Course

In this program you will learn and follow techniques of planning your course. Regardless if you plan an online course or a group program, these techniques will help you design the curriculum of your course so you can be effective when you are creating your course materials.

There are multiple techniques that will help you create engaging materials that are helpful for your clients, that meet the different expectations based on learning styles and that will look professional and cohesive.

I look forward to supporting you in this most important step of your Online Business. Don’t hesitate and join now!

The Big Leap Bootcamp® is a registered trademark owned by Petra Mayer Consulting.