Bills safety Micah Hyde OUT FOR SEASON with neck injury

Here are about Bills safety Micah Hyde OUT FOR SEASON with neck injury. Huge loss for the Bills. Micah Hyde is a baller! He and Jordan kept the DB’s all playing like a fine tuned machine.. Hope he is alright! It takes away half of the best safety duo in the nfl. For sure a huge loss & it puts more pressure now on Jordan poyer.

I thought he was hit not that hard, Jackson on the other hand was brutal. Yeah I hope there’s someone who comes out and and explains what happened to him. The play where he got hurt, looks like at worst, it just knocked him out. But it clearly did a lot more damage to his neck that we thought. I’ll like to know what it did to him when you tried to make the tackle.

Even though I’m a dolphins fan i pray for a fast and complete recovery. I think the Darrell Henderson truck stick from week 1 vs Rams contributed to the injury. The RB ran him over. Wonder if that weakened his neck just enough.

I feel like this years Bills will do exactly what the Cardinals did last season. Micah Hyde will be miss in the field a very good player. God with you Allways get. Better soon.Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde INJURY UPDATE and FIVE players that need to STEP UP on Sunday

Hyde is going to be miss back there and hope he goes back healthy but I kind of like our young secondary playing and growing together as a unit.

Damn… massive loss. Another NFL top 100 player injured, and the 6th defensive starter on the Bills out this week (not even including Tre White who’s still injured).

Only 5 defensive starters left. Can’t keep up this pace, or Bills won’t have a chance over a 17 game season.

But more importantly, best wishes to Hyde on his recovery. I’m sure he’s more disappointed than even the fans are that his season is over.

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Hill and waddle going up against a banged up secondary and a bunch of rookies. If the bills can’t get pressure on Tua. It’s going to be a long day. That’s really good for Miami, Tyreek and Waddle are gonna run all over that secondary. I give Miami the win 34-24.

You do realize Jaquan Johnson their backup is really good? Season ending neck injury in week 2 is good????  That’s what the world has come to. Branden Foster fr sombodies life is a lot more important than a football game. See more click here 

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