Blake Lively EXPECTING Baby No. 4 With Ryan Reynolds

Here are Blake Lively EXPECTING Baby Number 4 With Ryan Reynolds. Our baby is having a baby. I’m so happy for Blake and Ryan, I’ve never been happier for strangers the ways I’m happy for these guys. Their relationship makes me happy and very much inspires me. Wish them all the best.

Blake Lively PREGNANT With Baby No. 4

Congratulations to them both lots of happiness on their journey with their precious babies. Awesome! I love that they are enjoying thier family life, and those kids will be talented, hilarious and beautiful! She ages well, congrats on the new baby!

I was like dam she’s pregnant again but then I thought if I was married to Ryan i would have a lot of kids too haha. My wife is gunna be so happy to hear! Congrats to poppa Ryan and momma Blake!

She never stops giving birth.What a brave woman.May God bless her and her precious family. Congratulations Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They have 3 girls. Its like sisterhood of the traveling pants.

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Of course they’re trying for a boy I mean Ryan’s already a girl dad of three it would be nice if they also had a son. I was surprised that they wanted more than the three children they already had. They are full of surprises.

Good for them. I’m just glad I don’t break down crying seeing other peoples babies because of my issues with conceiving. That’s progress I guess. It does get better. There is only one reason for a 4th, when numbers 1-3 are all girls or boys.

I love how Blake doesn’t announce pregnancies, she just shows up glowing on a red carpet.

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