Brave Browser


  • Not like Chrome, Courageous blocks adverts and trackers by default.
  • This permits web sites on Courageous to load noticeably quicker than Chrome. Beneath is a pace check between Courageous, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Courageous tracks the time it saves you, and shows it while you open the browser.
Courageous vs. Chrome Which Browser is Higher

Benefit: Courageous


  • Courageous blocks adverts by default (in contrast to Chrome, which requires a Third-party extension corresponding to AdBlock).
  • Courageous blocks Third-party monitoring by default.
    • On Chrome, mega-advertisers like Google and Fb use Third-party cookies to trace your looking on practically each web site.
    • By blocking Third-party cookies, Courageous limits the quantity of information Fb, Google, and different advert networks can acquire about your looking habits.
  • Courageous shops all of your looking information regionally in your laptop, which implies you may delete it at any time.
  • Courageous helps Tor looking, making it the primary all-purpose browser to take action.
Brave vs. Chrome Which Browser is Better
Courageous vs. Chrome Which Browser is Higher

Benefit: Courageous


  • Courageous mechanically encrypts your web site connection when potential (on Chrome, this solely happens with an extension like HTTPS All over the place).
  • Courageous now helps all Chrome extensions, together with widespread password managers like LastPass and 1Password.

Benefit: Courageous

Drawbacks of Courageous

  • Each every now and then, Courageous blocks a part of a web site that you just wished to load.
  • When this occurs, it is best to click on the lion icon, and toggle the protect to down.
  • For the reason that newest Courageous replace, that is not often needed (possibly as soon as per week).
Courageous vs. Chrome Which Browser is Higher


  • Courageous’s pace alone is sufficient to make the change worthwhile, and the added privateness and safety advantages are icing on the cake.
  • Not surprisingly, Courageous has skyrocketed to reputation, going from 1 million to four.6 million customers in 2018.
  • Courageous is nearly precisely like Chrome, however quicker and fewer sleezy.

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