BREAKING: Former Soviet Union Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Dies At 91

BREAKING: Former Soviet Union Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Dies At 91. For those of us that saw the wall come down; however he achieved it, the result was good. Very good. RIP Gorbachev. You will be remembered well. Condolences to family. I hope his legacy doesn’t totally die with him.

Gorbachev dies 91

This man literally ended the Cold War and prevented a HOT war! 30 years later we would still be fighting the Cold War if it wasn’t for this man who brought a fresh mentality to the Soviet world. He deserves the Nobel Peace prize. Rest In Peace friend.

Gorbachev to me the greatest Russian leader of the world very sad , one amazing men now his country is going back to the old way sad for the russian. Sad day. Sad day indeed. R.I.P This world would be a much different place to live in without his leadership.

My condolences to the family of Mr Gorbachev, a great man with world vision. He’s the opposite of Putin “The Invader” and Xi “The Terrible” who are condemned around the world for disturbing the peace. The pair Gorbachev-Reagan will be remembered by humanity for a long time.

He tore down the Wall. He was a light in the darkest of days.  This MAN is an angel.He brought many happiness to million people in European continent. May him rest in peace.

Very sad loss to the world.Mikhail Gorbachev was a strong pillar to Russia especially in its quest to go for economic reforms.May your gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace IJ,MN Amen.

May he Rest in Peace, I was watching a documentary about the fall of the USSR a few days ago.

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Gorbachev gave the world hope for a new beginning for all. The elitists of The Soviet Union we’re not happy. They now had to share life’s little pleasures, treats, and modernizations with the rest of the Soviet Union citizens.

We saw him, in the West, as someone who hit the pause button on hostilities and allowed the average citizen of Russia to improve their lives, get better jobs, more education, better homes, so they could enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Then came Putin who wanted to live like an emperor and who undercut Russian hope to sink it back into a Marxist society run by dictators.

Mikhail Gorbachev died a hero for the cause of human progress. At least that is how the West viewed him. It is sad that he will not be honored as he deserves.

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