BREAKING: Woj details Ime Udoka facing possible disciplinary action

BREAKING: Woj details Ime Udoka facing possible disciplinary action. tWoj, I’m sure I speak for most Celtics/NBA/sports fans, when I say that we are much more interested to learn what the violation was than how long he is going to be suspended for!He gave a woman a compliment without asking for her permission first.

That sort of thing is frowned upon in pro sports. If you’re not gonna report as to why he might get suspended then dont report it at all until its official. He just trying to be first without having all the info. This is crazy. We talk about this but STILL MINIMAL talks about Brett taking from the less fortunate.

Woj, is often the MASTER of saying alot without really saying NOTHING lol. This is one of those times.  This is embarrassing, never seen cheating being announced like this how awkward. I would quit.

As a Celtics fan, this is just awful. Big fan of Udoka, but this is embarrassing. Hope he sticks around and learns from this, but won’t be surprised if he resigns. Woj be like “I don’t know what’s happening here but there is definitely something going on and when someone else does the work I’ll be back with the information.”

What? Why even do this. Other coaches would get fired. I know they like Udoka but maybe just have a talk lol. It’s not the league but the team itself that is leaving them without their head coach for a while.

Apparently he had a consensual, intimate relationship with another female staff member. I suppose he’s cheating on Nia, and that inter-staff relationships aren’t allowed in team policy.

I guess the big thing is, did Nia Long just find out like we did? Or did Udoka go to Nia Long a few weeks back told her this story of me cheating on you will come out.

It’s wack because they know EXACTLY what he did but they bird feed us to desensitize. I get why Draymond says Old media is trash.

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