DJ Akademiks Speaks On Cardi B Losing Multi-Million Dollar Deal For Giving 6ix9ine Girl The BEATS

DJ Akademiks Speaks On Cardi B Losing Multi-Million Dollar Deal For Giving 6ix9ine Girl The BEATS. Choices are important regardless of your age and timing. “let me give y’all the tea. you wanna hear the tea?” how long is it gonna be before AK comes out the closet?

Here Best Reaction about Cardi B Losing Multi-Million Dollar Deal

A reach he don’t even sound right saying it. She still chooses to make those same incriminating mistakes though… to this day. Honestly Cardi B is not a good person. GREAT personality and a good time. She’s not a good person.

yeah well, it’s her that makes it clear her heart doesn’t be in the right place. If others know how to hide it better she should probably take notes.

Had Off heat chosen to respect his marriage she wouldn’t have lost all that time, energy and money she’s wasted in this mess. 2018-2022??? That’s half a decade!!

If she was a respectable woman then she would be able to better handle the situation without emotion but with logic. doesn’t matter if offset cheated she is responsible for her own actions.

The lack of accountability… she’s a grown ass woman she didn’t have to do that she chose to not regulate her emotions and stay with a cheater.

Mane nobody is talking about how she at least is taking accountability for her actions. No she isn’t, because she is posting revenge p and yelling women to dig up their dead moms. she was just laughing at a girls dead mother a couple days ago.

She’s only taking accountability because it cost her a multimillion dollar deal, but she’ll be keeping this behavior going, just give it a couple of months.

Cardi B just wanted her fans to push them to give her another deal. She operates on sympathy.

After Cardi B first album she was solidified as a top 3 female lyricist of all time. She doesn’t need sympathy. She is worth 9 figures. Call of duty is a scheduled agreement there is nothing her fans can do to get a multi million dollar deal. That’s not how it works.

For real I still feel bad for those men she drugged and stole their money.. I’ll never feel bad for this girl she can’t even write her own rhymes everything’s handed to her.

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You are right on point but cardi b is not the brightest and she insist to prove that she is a real gangster. She was just online going at akbar, even getting akbar number and calling her.

Cardi b needs to go back to school, read more books and get allot of PR training. She wont change, don’t let her post fool you. Its to get the public view of her to change because everyone is saying she gets away with everything.

This entire shit is crazy to me. How do you go from being a goon beating chicks up in the strip club flipping on fans, doing a music video in gang gear to being a victim with Tasha K I’m confused. And what about the people she had beat them up how does that help their cases.

I’m kind of happy I don’t Cardi B having anything to do with Call of Duty…the game is already trash but hearing Cardi B’s voice in the game will make the game downright unplayable.

It was Cardi’s publicity team strategy to put it out there first before Cardi get clowned in social media if ever citizens learned it.

If I’m a millionaire, and have some people beatup and have to pay them a couple hundred thou, money well spent. But that ass whooping better be worth it. That’s like making 100 a week then have to pay 40,

now I won’t get 300 later for something I did. That just means I’m not getting 2 weeks extra pay but I still going to make that money back in a short time. (I purposely used small change to be more relatable)

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