Carlos Alcaraz GOD MODE in Miami Open! | Miami 2022 Champion Highlights

you can also hear and see from the audience reaction that the Kecmanovic match was the most buzzing electric ATP match of the year. Unforgettable watching experience, still feels like last week. makes you realize how fast time’s flying in our lives!

Carlos Alcaraz GOD MODE in Miami Open! | Miami 2022 Champion Highlights

Alcaraz is such an entertaining player. The future of tennis looks very bright. The match Kecmanovic-Alcaraz was the match that made me start to follow Alcaraz matches, what a player. He has too much talent. It’s a beast.

Top spin like Nadal,back hand returns and lobs like Djokovic,net play and volley like Federer . alcaraz is a blend of the greats who can reach even greater heights. That Kecmanovich match might have been the match of the year. Such amazing tennis from both guys!

It’s literally CRAZY to think that Spain has generated champions like this in back to back generations. I know the historically the US and other legacy countries have done this before.. but Spain is being slept on in my opinion at how great their tennis federation is – ATP and WTA to a lesser extent. Taking nothing from Carlos, he had to put in the work to capitalize on his potential!

Novak has somehow escaped from the beatings of alcaraz in both IW and miami.. Such a lucky player still hiding behind vaccine reasons and fearing to face 19 yr old.

Alcaraz best thing is he plays attacking tennis like Roger to entertain crowd. Inside out fh so federer esque but at same time can create topspin like nadal and flexible like nole. Combo of all three.

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