Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe Highlights 2022

Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe Highlights. Seriously, what’s better final than two players fighting for their first grand slam title and No.1 ranking!! This is incredible!! This has been where the tournament was headed since the QF.

From the beginning of the tournament, it was clear that Alcaraz was coming out of the bottom half because the only obstacle was an aging Nadal. It was really a matter of whether Medvedev, Kyrgios, or Ruud was coming out of the top half.

I laid $1k on Alcaraz +500 pre-tournament, and I’m not even considering cashing out because I’m 1000% confident he’ll beat Ruud. There’s no question in my mind.

Two gentlemen players. Graceful even in defeat. No antics, no broken racquets.It could’ve gone either way. Thrilling till the end. Agree. Definitely pleasant to see. Let the racquet do the talking instead of thrashing and swearing like kyrgios.

This kid just won 3 straight 5-set matches! He looks like Novak and Rafa combined. He’s unstoppable and just only 19 years old, WOW! facts, he’s got novak’s flexibility and rafa’s fighting spirit. Of course, a powerful and incredible set of skills of his own too!

Tiafoe really gave it his all, but in the end, his strength understandingly wore out. But alcaraz, MAN, two five setters in 3 days, wow, he’s just built different. Alcaraz reminds me too much of the young Rafa. Bright future ahead for mens tennis.

When we thought Alcaraz was finished playing epic 5 sets matches he delivered another banger.

Now it’s final time whoever wins the match becomes the new nr.1 and if Alcaraz does he will be the youngest in history of the men’s tennis. So much on the line for both.

What a match, feel choked for Big Foe but he’ll be back and he will win the title one day. Today wasn’t his day but he put up such a great fight. He should be proud and hold his head high. ALCARAZ is just not human!!! Insane shots!

After watching this match I’m confident that the game of tennis will live on after the big three all retire. Tiafoe gave everything he had and Alcaraz just keeps producing magic every time he plays. Both should be proud!

It will always live on… i don’t know why people keep banging on about this… who was before the big 3 huh ? Maybe a guy called Sampras,, or Agassi .. and before them.. heard of Borg..etc.., it’s tennis, there’s always going to be someone great just around the corner.

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