Hepatica Granny Top | Crochet Ideas

Hepatica Granny Top

A quick-to-make halter neck top that starts as a row of granny squares. The blue ’flowers’ in the squares reminded me of Anemone hepatica, a spring flower common to Sweden and north Europe, hence the name. The yarn I used is a worsted weight cotton called Julie by Swedish brand Falkgarn, however, any worsted cotton … Read more

Angel Wing Pinafore 2T

An angel wing pinafore refers to a style of dress or overall with angel wing-shaped straps or sleeves. The “2T” size typically refers to toddler clothing, specifically for children around 2 years old. Here’s a description of an angel wing pinafore in 2T size: The angel wing pinafore in 2T size is a charming and adorable … Read more

Wedding Doll Crochet Patterns

Wedding Doll Crochet Patterns

Looking for a delightful crochet project for a wedding? Look no further than these charming Crocheted Wedding Doll Amigurumi Patterns! With over 10 adorable designs to choose from, you can create the perfect wedding favors, decorations, or even a unique and cuddly gift for the happy couple. These patterns are versatile and can be used … Read more

Crochet Pattern Baby Dress

Crochet pattern baby dress

Here you can see Crochet Pattern Baby Dress / Pinafore – Newborn to 3 Years. Easy to make. Arrived very quickly. Love the simple stitch this pattern makes. I added a lace border at the bottom. Super easy and quick project! Turned out really cute. I added an overall style pocket. Looked lovely when finished, … Read more

Hat Crochet Pattern – Bobbles and Stripes

Hat Crochet Pattern - Bobbles and Stripes

Let’s celebrate Independence Day with the delightful Bobbles and Stripes Hat, a free crochet pattern perfect for the occasion. Whether you’re attending a parade or gathering with friends, this hat will infuse patriotic cheer into your festivities. The design is uniquely charming, particularly when made in red, white, and blue, but feel free to use … Read more

C2C Sheepy Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

C2C Sheepy Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Introducing the C2C Sheepy Baby Blanket, a delightful crochet pattern that is bound to impress any new mother. This pattern showcases the captivating Corner-to-Corner (C2C) technique, adding a distinctive and charming touch to any nursery or bedroom. The Sheepy Baby Blanket combines an adorable sheep motif with colorful blocks, making it a versatile option for … Read more