Check Out This Crochet Mandala with Silver

Purple and white dream catcher. Crochet mandala with silver, purple and white iridescent beads. Dream catcher with black purple feathers.

A crochet dream catcher or nightmare catcher, adorned with purple and white feathers, silver and purple iridescent beads, and crafted with delicate crocheted lace. This unique piece can be hung as a mobile since it is reversible.

The purpose of a dream catcher is to ward off bad dreams, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep without nightmares. It captures the enchanting visions of the night while dispelling negative ones with the dawn’s first light.

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The dream catcher measures 50 cm in height and features circles with diameters of 19 cm and 8 cm. It serves as a thoughtful birthday gift or a heartfelt present for a grandmother.

What is a crochet mandala?

A mandala is a geometric pattern, typically circular, characterized by repeating colors and shapes. Within certain spiritual traditions, mandalas serve as a tool for meditation.

In the realm of crochet, a mandala refers to a circular design created through rounds of repetitive crochet stitches. Crocheted mandalas are known for their vibrant colors and varied textures, often utilized as decorative pieces or wall art.

Crochet mandalas bear resemblance to crochet doilies, and these terms are occasionally used interchangeably. However, the primary distinction lies in the solidity of mandalas compared to the delicate, intricate, and lacy nature of doilies.

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