Cleveland Browns vs. Carolina Panthers Game Highlights

Cleveland Browns vs. Carolina Panthers Game Highlights. Hunt and Chubb combo is insane. I’m so jealous of there running game. just to think we got two more good ones behind them. I’m more worried that dummy Stefanski will get Kareem hurt again, like last season.

The most un Browns game for us in a long time ! That was one of the best kicks I have ever seen, he kicked a curve ball.  If he would have kicked it straight, they probably would have blocked it.  What an amazing game to start the year off!

One of the best games this opening week enjoyed watching this very much. As long as Brisset can play mostly mistake free which he is known to do, the Browns can win many games this year. Good to see McCaffery back, I just hope he stays injury free the rest of the season.

Turned out to be one of the better games of the day. CLE showed some toughness on the road. Kudos out to Baker for not giving up. Congrats on the win CLE. Jesse Pinkman  yah like the 3 bs calls on the browns throughout the earlier parts of the game. The browns somehow played past them though.

Hell of a game played by my Browns. Very well balanced game. However Jacoby should not be throwing past 30 throws in a game ever. He did have a few bad throws along with just about as many missed catches from our WR and TE.

This is the way I wanted the game to go, Baker leads Panthers to a go ahead drive and York wins the Game with a 50 plus yard FG. My other was for Fields to outplay Lance. So a good day today. Happy to see Baker rally and Play good in the end. Go Browns !!!

Browns need to develop a killer instinct. They allow teams to hang around as opposed to putting them away. They were lucky to win this game with a great kick at the end. Congrats Baker on a hard fought game. I’m a Browns fan and I hope you have an amazing career.

Great game! Stick with the run. Brissett needs to get more aggressive but the good news is that he didn’t fumble or throw any Interceptions.

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