Cobra Kai Season 5 | Terry Silver vs. Daniel LaRusso

Cobra Kai Season 5 | Terry Silver vs. Daniel LaRusso. This show when a new season comes out is just the gift that keeps on giving. plus tomorrow is my bday so w bday present.

This show is so good. Never expected the karate kid spinoff show to be this good. This season was fantastic, and this fight was excellent. big cobra kai fan  It wasn’t boring to me, season 3 was boring in my opinion.

This was the fight in which Daniel truly became the master of his karate, he was in control of the entire fight, if silver is the embodiment of offence, Daniel was the embodiment of defence, he even blocked silver bullet, the very move that took out Hawk and weakened Robby.

Well Hawk and Robby aren’t on Daniel’s level so of course he could block that. But yeah I agree, Daniel was definitely much better in this season.

What most don’t realize is that when Daniel focuses he takes it to a different level. He beat fighters who were all physically superior to him. Mind over muscle…

Daniel’s been waiting for this moment for 30+ years, this series is simply amazing. Miyagi would be so proud of him. I finished the season 5 minutes ago and all i can say is: “It was Perfect. PERFECT. Down to the last minute detail.”

I don’t get emotional much while watching shows, but Cobra Kai definitely tugged the heartstrings. Was sad seeing Daniel’s fall to Silver, but loved seeing it come full circle with Silver. Terry did have his disadvantages but Daniel won fair and square, put respect on Daniel’s name.

Regardless of if Silver was a 100% here. He had no chance against a focused Daniel hitting him with pressure point moves and using the Quick Silver method against Terry.

People are also forgetting that Silver only easily beat a Daniel because he became unfocused and phycological destroyed by Silvers dirty, personal tactics which was ultimately what lost him the first fight.

This scene was so satisfying and this has got to be the best finale from the show. This is so satisfying after their first fight. I love the use of the crane kick and how the end of the fight mirrored the Miyagi vs Terry Silver fight in The Karate Kid Part III.

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