Colima zip code or postal code – 28000

Colima zip code or Postal code is 28000.  Colima is situated in Baja California, Mexicali, Mexico.Colima is the capital of the Mexican state of the same name.

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Colima zip code or postal code
Colima zip code 28000
El Diezmo zip code 28010
Jardines de las Lomas zip code 28014
Lomas Vista Hermosa zip code 28016
Las Palmas zip code 28017
Real Vista Hermosa zip code 28018
El Porvenir II zip code 28019
La Armonía zip code 28020
Niños Héroes zip code 28025
Guadalajarita zip code 28030
Huertas del Sol zip code 28035
Miguel Hidalgo I zip code 28037
Gustavo Vazquez Montes zip code 28040
INFONAVIT Camino Real zip code 28043

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