Country Singer Luke Bell Dead At 32

Country Singer Luke Bell Dead At 32. And some passing to hear about today. Country Singer and guitarist, Luke Bell was a star and a musician on such songs as these tunes and a score of hits.

Tucson is sending a prayer on their loss. He released several songs and was in stagecoach in 2016. Luke Bell was 32 and been having a eating disorder and a famous actress.

RIP. He had a classic country voice. That doesn’t come along often anymore. RIP you will be missed. Sending up heavenly prayers.

I’m not familiar with him but damn I should be his music reminds me of the classic old country style. He seemed like a calm and nice fella. So young and talented. So sad. Now I am gonna download all his music. Wish I would have seen him live.

Only 32! My deepest condolences to his family. How you live in the country and not listen to country music? He went missing , I wonder what the story will be and how he was found.

Been talking forever that I couldn’t wait for him to put out a new album.. this sucks. mah dog died, mah wife left me and my crops failed.

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Luke ever since I heard “Where Ya Been” I can’t stop listening to your music, I know at 19 year old this kind of country music is way better than all the new country,

listening to you reminds me of George jones and Merle Haggard, keep on what you’re doing and help bring back country, God Bless.

RIP luke, the good die young my friend. This song reminds me of my two childhood best friends David and Stace who passed at 25 and 27 years old. Let the good times roll.

RIP your music will live on, you provided that old school country vibe that’s been missing for the last 2 decades.

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