Dan Orlovsky is fearful about Trey Lance’s development following his season-ending injury

Dan Orlovsky is fearful about Trey Lance’s development following his season-ending injury. His ankle getting broke just saved everyone’s career! The coach, GM, Lance, and his own. Isn’t Dan the same guy who LOVES Carson Wentz talking about his “ceiling” but 49ers are worse with Jimmy G after going to the NFC Championship.

Trey Lance’s career as an NFL starting QB is OVER. He doesn’t look good on tape, and now this injury is going set him back even further behind. He is done!

It was foolish to consider trading Jimmy G in the first place Jimmy was happy to be the back up. They have a young QB with little college experience, much less NFL experience, and if he gets hurt, and Jimmy is gone, their season is over

Jimmy G is an expensive insurance policy, but necessary for the Niners, and it paid off. Man said this wasn’t the same defense…they’re even better this year lol. I have to watch the 49ers at least twice a year because I am a Hawks’ fan shoot I was way bummed when I saw Jimmy G come in the game. I disagree with that Dan O most of the time. I wonder if he bets football probably not.

SF cannot win a Superbowl with Jimmy G. They’ll go deep in the playoffs and lose to a team with a better QB As they have in the Shanahan-Jimmy G era.

Trey Lance is supposed to be the guy getting developed to be a top 5 QB that wins SF a SB in the future but even that is in jeopardy.

Their future is fucked and their present is also fucked.. cannot win now and probably won’t.

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Jimmy G played two healthy seasons for the 49ers… in 2019 when we went to the Super Bowl, and last year when we were in the NFC Championship. He also wins 70% of his games.

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