Emotional David Beckham Bows Head to the Queen

Here are all about Emotional David Beckham Bows Head to the Queen. Look at David, played with immense pride for his nation for many years and once again showed his love of country by showing up dressed appropriately, stood in line for 12 hours to pay his respects to the Queen. What a class act.

David Beckham queues for more than 13 hours to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

I love how civil everyone is. Even famous people stand in a queue like everyone else. This is such a deep and meaningful contrast to other countries where celebrities get special treatment. This behavior speaks volumes in terms of what kind of society you live in.

David is the last person in this country who needs good publicity. He did all this off his own back and without any fuss or famous friends/relatives with him and que’d for 10 hours when he was already on the guest list. What a great man.

As an American, I am touched by his dedication to his Queen. As someone else said, the British know respect. I wish that kind of respect existed in the United States. I love how respectful everyone is. Silent, quick bow, so all the people behind them in the queue can have their moment aswell. The UK citizens know how to behave in these situations. Long live the Queen and the King.

I was just thinking that. In the US, people would be talking, trying to take a picture of Beckman on their phone, or complaining on how long the line was. HUGE respect for this man. He could have easily accepted preferential treatment to see the coffin but instead decided to queue like everyone else for 12 hours. Aristocrats around the world could learn from this man’s example.

Just the simplicity and genuineness of their behaviour at the Casket is awe inspiring. Beckham bowed and for the first time I cried. He did what I would have done had I been able to go. Ive lived in London. Between that and the countless hours of video Ive watched on You tube over the years about the Royal Family I feel a sense of connection and admiration.

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Almost Affected comments for the respect, I am a Hungarian man and I would like to “send” a big respect for David honestly. He is a real british gentleman and an emotional, warm-hearted guy.

My previous picture was totally different about this football star but now I need to change my “wrong” impression. God save the “Queen”, King and these good kind of British patriots! More news click here

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