Deciding Factor in Chargers-Chiefs Tonight

Here are all about Chiefs. Deciding Factor in Chargers-Chiefs Tonight. Expert opinion here: The deciding factor will be scoring more points than the opponent. That will give the win to one team.

All About Chiefs

I honestly think people are looking at the wrong thing here with this game. I think for the chiefs the run game will be a crucial spot to expose this d-line because everyone keeps talking about the pass rushers and how they’ll cause havoc but first off the chiefs have a top 5 o-line in the league and second the chargers didn’t do a great job of stopping the run last week against the raiders.

I think having CEH in the backfield with jerrick McKinnon will be a deadly combo and if they can consistently run the ball it’ll open up the play action game and make it very stressful for this chargers defense to deal with. Plus Keenan Allen missing on the offensive side of the ball will be key so I’ll take the chiefs in this one.

38-35, this game is so close from high powered offenses, I’ll go chiefs bc Mahomes is magical. Chargers put up 7 points in the second half vs the Raiders. They are gonna have to do better than that against KC or this game could get not beautiful.

Chiefs are going to beat the Chargers and run away with the Division per usual, nothing has changed. Denver in last Raiders and Chargers battling and praying for a WC , just to lose . Chiefs are thin on defense. Herbert throws 8 TDs. Chargers D gonna play like Spartas 300 and show the world that your god king can bleed.

This team is different this year, with a lot bigger receivers and using multiple TE sets. The cover 2 shell tricks of yesteryear aren’t going to be effective against what they have on O right now, and as good a defensive mind as Brandon Staley is he hasn’t had enough time to know what this new offense brings to the table.

Also, the Chiefs D is is much faster specifically their linebackers in Nick Bolton and Willie Gay. The Chargers have historically done very well with Ekeler out of the backfield, but the sideline to sideline speed of those linebackers isn’t going to allow Herbert to find that kind of success in that area.

Additionally, with Allen out which Chargers receiver is going to stretch the field? Are we sure the Chargers offense can even do that anymore? DeAndre Carter has 4.48 speed but he’s not a polished route runner, Josh Palmer is a 4.52, maybe Jalen Guyton? If I were the Chiefs I’d play a bit more aggressively with my safeties,

allowing them to come up and make plays against underneath routes. The Chiefs DBs are a lot bigger and more athletic than they were last year, and I’d also sprinkle in double-teams against Williams in key situations.

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A lot of thought put in this. Unfortunately you’re biased so you cant see what’s right in front of you. Mack and bosa are going to collapse the pocket on mahomes and the chargers won’t need the 2 deep shell BECAUSE you don’t have hill.

This is the game the Tyreek loss rears its ugly head. The chargers aren’t just going to beat the chiefs, they are going to absolutely punch them in the mouth. Mark my words. All news here

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