BREAKING: Donald Trump Announces Date of His ARREST

Donald Trump announces date of his arrest. People saying about Trump, How embarrassing for him, to finally be held accountable in front of the entire world. God bless America, land of Freedom and Justice. Let’s keep it that way. The criminal can no longer hide.

BREAKING: People Reaction About Donald Announces Date of His ARREST

I like that you responded to each of his lies and projections with truth. We need to keep doing that with him. I appreciate all that you do to speak truth to power. Glad you are there to give us updates. Stay safe & please let us know if you notice the MAGA cult arriving.

This is a red banner day for America and our democracy! Just him knowing the “when” is music he has never had to face. I hope the hits keep getting bigger and keep on coming! Stay vigilant America.

Military presence should be there including FBI . This is how a. High profile politician or ex-president should be treated NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW IN OUR DEMOCRACY ! IT’S IN OUR CONSTITUTION !!!

The judge in this case should ban Trump from all social media. Thanks for all your efforts, Ben. Hopefully he’s also arrested in Georgia and DC before too long. Ben and Meidas Touch are heroes! Thanks for your endless work and dedication to informing us.

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Thank you Ben, you made my day. Have a great weekend, I for one am looking forward to TAD; Trump Arrested Day. Fingers crossed, let’s hope he finally gets held accountable. I don’t think Trump is gonna get near as many people willing to go to jail for him as last time.

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