Beast Reaction Trevor Noah Cozies Up to Dua Lipa Amid Daily Show Exit

Beast Reaction Trevor Noah Cozies Up to Dua Lipa Amid Daily Show Exit. As an african who got to see Trevor live in africa i think he was one of the best the soil could have produced and we welcome him back woth upon arms. I’ll miss this show a lot, Trevor Noah is awesome!

i mean he may be ending his talk show but we’ll keep seeing him on his podcast and other things. I’m sure he’s gonna keep doing stand up or get into acting. Trevor Noah is how I got my news.  I will miss the show.  Thanks Trevor!

That girl from tiktok who has a HUGE crush on Trevor must be devastated. That’s not a close embrace and he’s kissing her cheek. Could it be possible they’re just friends hanging out?

I know this might be weird to say… cause.. you know the so called curse but…. Trevor and Khole would actually make a good couple…. just me thinking out loud . uhhh that’s an 11 year age gap!

Are Dua Lipa & Trevor Noah Dating?

Trevor carries South Africa. Why would you reach out to them to find out if they are dating? Like seriously. This seems so random, was not expecting this rumor lmao.

Dua Lipa, I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature. He’s kissing her cheek. I never saw them actually locking lips. Where the f this story come from. These reporter are tripping.

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Most mixed guys date women that look like their mothers. Doesn’t pertain to Trevor it seems. This is an odd pairing. Nonetheless they sure do look attractive together. There are no pictures of him and Dua Lipa kissing so who knows.

No i dont like this guy ever she is to beautiful what did she see in this fellowship a downer he should have date Dojo cat now that is a match made in heaven.

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