Easy Crochet Blanket | Crochet Beginner Blanket

This beautiful crochet blanket is very easy to crochet and great for the beginner crochet. It can be made in any size from an easy crochet baby blanket to a easy crochet kings sized blanket. its a quick and easy crochet project for the beginner or advanced.

How to Easy Crochet Blanket?

Easy Crochet Blanket

That periwinkle colored yarn has got to be my personal favorite color! Thank you for a very clear and easy tutorial. It is remarkable how a truly simple pair of stitches makes a gorgeous texture. This will definitely be my next project.

I love the simplicity of this pattern and how you get all that beautiful texture at the same time. I was just on your site looking for a last min baby blanket. This is what I call perfect timing. Love it

I’m loving this pattern, so easy and quick! Great stitch for making burp cloths, blankets, clothes or anything! I’m starting a blanket now.

I’ve never made a blanket but always desired how. Now I can sit down and take my time to make one in remembrance of my mom. Not sure if I’ll get through it but I’m sure gonna try.

Just finished a baby blanket using this pattern and about to start another one that will be bigger for an adult. Thank you for making tutorials. I save ones I want to make to watch later as I am making each project and it has helped me so much.

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