Easy Crochet Cow Pattern For Beginner

It’s super cute!! I learned how to crochet cow about a month ago, and this pattern was pretty easy to follow. I also reached out to the seller when I had questions and she was very helpful. Highly recommend this if you wanna make your own Perry! Crochet cow, strawberry cow plushie, amigurumi cow animal, stuffed baby toy, farm cow stuffie.

Very Easy Crochet Cow Pattern For Beginner

Easy Crochet Cow Pattern For Beginner

Adorable little cow hand-crocheted in yarn very soft to the touch. Completely corresponds to the description and my expectations. I fell in love with this pattern! So easy to follow and fast to make him!

I reached out to the shop owner because I wanted to see if it were possible to get the hat sewn on so it wouldn’t come off. She was very helpful and was able to sew the hat on! She did tell me the shipping would take a little longer but since I wasn’t in a rush I was fine with that. It looks great! Just like the pictures, super adorable! Definitely recommend and will purchase from here again!

This Crochet Cow is smaller than I expected (even though the photo portrays the size well), but it’s SO CUTE. I still haven’t gifted it to my best friend yet because it’s for her baby, but the fact that this exists is so sweet. Avatar is my absolute favorite, and this is one of the cutest pieces of “merch” I’ve ever seen.

I got this little guy as a gift for a friend, and she absolutely loved it! The quality is fantastic. so supper cute! it’s small but that just adds to the cuteness. love the package and the gifts it came with.

This is so cute, I love it so much, and my boyfriend, who I gave it to as a gift, loves it even more. I will buy another for myself in the future. 1000000% would recommend if you have a friend who is obsessed with avatar. She absolutely loved the turtle duck and it came in amazing condition. It was so cute.

Avatar is one of our favorite things to watch! And the turtle duck is one of my favorite animals on the show, so when I saw this adorable crochet I just had to have it. It got here quickly and it looks exactly like the photos! It’s absolutely perfect!

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Crochet cow

Adorable! My daughter’s teacher loves platypus and we gifted him the larger if the ones we purchased. Well worth the wait and definitely adorable and perfect! This was the perfect gift, my girlfriend loves Avatar and I was so happy it came with two stickers too!! Definitely worth the money, especially getting the till.

100% accurate to what’s shown, in fact, I’d argue that it’s a little larger than expected! It’s the only one I’ve found that looked the way I wanted, and the little hat makes it extra adorable. I got this for my fiancee for Valentine’s day, and while UPS wasn’t able to get it to me on time, her reaction to opening it was priceless and well-worth the wait. 10/10 would buy again.

Crochet Cow was the cutest thing ever. I got it for my big for Christmas because she loves atla and she screamed. It was probably the best gift I’ve ever given. So cute.

It’s an adorable crochet item that arrived in a very timely manner. I have no complaints whatsoever and would suggest this little turtle duck to everyone as the ultimate cute gift for an Avatar: the Last Airbender fan!

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