Edwin Diaz taking the mound to Timmy Trumpet is everything we hoped for and more

Edwin Diaz taking the mound to Timmy Trumpet is everything we hoped for and more. Im an orioles fan but you can’t deny that this is the best walkout song in baseball. as a mets fan, bautista’s entrance is awesome, but i still give it to diaz among active closers, easily top 3 all time.

Timmy Trumpet needs to attend EVERY post season home game! Was at the game last night. Watching degrom, nimmos catch, then Diaz enter like this and save a 2-1 game against the best team in baseball was more than I could have hoped for. A perfect day.

Credit to the SNY team for making every walkout by Diaz magical. Baseball desperately needs more cool fun things like this. As a Dodger fan on the losing side of the match, I say, “how could anyone not love this?”  Good stuff.

As a phillies fan, you guys kicked our butts this year. I have to admit this is cool to watch Diaz is a legend for making this his walkout.

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I gotta admit when I first heard Edwin walk out to this, I was like, okay… don’t blow it.

But after everything this team has done and the insane year he is having. I go apeshit.

Thank You Timmy Trumpet.

Timmy Trumpet an OG legend in the Melbourne Bounce scene. Cool AF he did this.

I’m a Braves fan and my team is currently chasing the Mets, but even I gotta admit… that was absolute FIRE. Even as a Dodgers fan this is really cool even though Diaz was coming in to shut us down.

As a Dodger fan I wanted Turner to moonshot it on the first pitch, but as a baseball fan it was epic to see Diaz go 3 up 3 down to seal the victory. This is a cold and epic entrance, especially against the Dodgers.

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