Download Elementor Pro Under GPL License

What is Elementor?

Elementor is an easy to use WordPress page builder which has a visual drag and drop interface. It has a wide array of elements that enables to simply organize the content with the drag and drop tools.

Is Elementor Pro worth buying Or am I, okay using just the free version?

I’m not a professional web designer but I’ve built multiple websites using both the free version of Elementor as well as the Pro version. So I have some experience with the issue.

What I’ve found is that when I build a website using the free version of Elementor, I can create about 80–90% of what I want (and this is building relatively simple websites without complex features). But that last 10–20% always causes me problems. I end up wasting time, trying to find some other WordPress plugin that mimics a feature from Elementor Pro.

What’s great about Elemenor Pro is not just that you get more features. But that everything is integrated. So you’re using one system, instead of using the free version of Elementor + several other plugins. Not only will you get all the amazing features of Elementor Pro, but you’ll also save time, avoid problems and issues, etc.

So here’s how I see things:

  • If you’re doing any sort of complex web design, Elementor Pro is probably essential.
  • If you want to save time (and hence money), when you’re designing a website, then you’ll probably want Elementor Pro.
  • If you want to avoid aggravation from plugin conflicts or free plugins no longer being updated, then you’ll probably want Elementor Pro.
  • If you want/need support from Elementor, then you’ll need Elementor Pro.

Bottom Line:

If your website is “just a hobby” then I think the free version is fine. But if your website is related to your business, then I believe that you’re best off with the Pro version.

What are the main differences between Elementor and Elementor Pro WordPress Page Builder plugins?

Without Elementor you cannot run or use Elementor pro. Because Elementor pro is addons which adds new features, functionalities to your website. Like

  • Single post template.
  • Header and Footer builder.
  • 404 page.
  • Search page.
  • Archive page.
  • Woocommerce integration.
  • Pop up (not annoying one)
  • Integration with Marketing tools
  • Pro template – Monthly new template for Elementor pro user.
  • Dynamic functionalities


  • Do not deactivate Elementor if you enable any 3rd parties Elementor addons or Elementor pro itself otherwise you will get a fatal error.
  • Elementor pro is dependent on Elementor, so it means you need to install both of them