Florida State football Seminoles at Louisville Cardinals | Full Game Highlights

Here are all about Florida State football Seminoles at Louisville Cardinals. Available now Full Game Highlights. This game showed us why depth is important and coaching the entire roaster throughout the week is crucial to success.

3-0 baby!!! We had absolutely no business even being in this game and still pulled it out. This team is amazing. As a UF fan…that WR with number 14 on the back of his jersey is a grown man. He looks like a match up problem.

Hey congratulations to FSU fans. U am sure you guys are excited. Hated to see Jordan Travis go down though. As a fan of College football…I always hate seeing injuries. It is Florida State football.

FSU had no business winning this one with those injuries, but they fought. Louisville needs to figure out where their program is headed. Starting QB, best defensive player, 2 offensive lineman all injured and out by halftime. And the FSU Seminoles still rallied to win with 2 missed crusial field goals. ON THE ROAD! Florida State football!!

I’m not an fsu fan but I love how they’re shocking people I hope they make a New Years 6 bowl. They would get blown out if they played in such a game. They won’t have to worry about that though. I’m not even convinced that they can beat Wake Forest.

Johnny Wilson made some money tonight. Best player on the field. 6’7 236 and runs routes like he does. He’s big time. Louisville put CB’s, LB’s, and Safety’s on em. Didn’t matter. He balled on em. Glad we won but we deeply need a new kicker.

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HOW BOUT THEM NOLES 3-0 !!!! I was nervous I thought we were done after Travis getting hurt. I pray he’s okay. How bout Tate coming in the clutch tho! FSU hanging in there being strong against the odds . I love my Seminoles!! By the way we need to replace Fitzgerald lol I can’t take him anymore.

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