Foo Fighters: Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

Foo Fighters: Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert. 4 words Rest In Peace Taylor!!! We miss u down here homie. Sucks to see the pain in all of us who feel your loss my brother. As a musician every musician who passes on music is silenced a lil more with every passing. We’ve lost some big guns past few years and it sucks.

But we have your music to listin to to keep pushing us through all the darkness this world is living through. Dave Grohl is the most stand up cat in rock and roll and sucks to see all he been through but he still pushes forward day in day out to make our lives a lil easier.

When shit is tough and all seems f—ked turn on your favorite songs to get us through. Thanks to all past and present for all your music to get us through all the BULLSHIT we have to live everyday!!! RIP Taylor you are freaking missed dearly bro!

It was a great day. We were sitting way up high but the emotion was felt all the way up there too. Just hugging the people around us and shedding tears together. Thanks for capturing some special moments from where you were. A day that me and my teenage son will never forget .

This concert has Dave’s daughter, Taylor’s son, Roger Taylor’s son, Eddie VH’s son…. I feel old. Paul, Dave, Christie and so many rock icons and Pat Smear is still the coolest person in Wembley.

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Pretty safe to say that his son will take over on the drums at some point. Makes sense and a good way for foo fighters to continue.

It’s so sad about Taylor and it’s expected that celebrities have all the spotlight , but imagine if we could have tribute concerts for every person who dies or every young person who dies through tragic consequences.

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