Frances Tiafoe vs. Rafael Nadal Highlights | 2022 US Open Round 4

Here are all Frances Tiafoe vs. Rafael Nadal Highlights. Tiafoe has always played a lot, but in tennis, as in any sport, what rules in decisive moments is the head. And today he was 100% focused. Congratulations!

You have to play aggressive against Rafa. He isn’t as crazy fast as he was years ago but his shots are dangerous as ever. And that’s exactly what Frances did. Anyone who beats Rafa deserves a ton of respect. Well played.

Truthfully, Rafa isn’t the biggest guy relative to the men with monster serves who tend to do well on hard courts, so it’s remarkable that for someone who has been so reliant on spin that he’s been able to go deep in the U.S. Open so many times before.

Tiafoe can easily hit through Nadal on this surface, as can a lot of other players, but a lot of people probably doubted whether he’d be smart enough to be consistent and not implode at some point.

Spot on. That’s how Alcaraz did it at Madrid. All out aggression and crazy speed around the court. Tiafoe totally rocked it tonight. Totally deserved.

I would never have thought he could win against Rafa in a truly consequential match. Well done, Frances. Fun fact.. the second American too beat Nadal at the US Open, James Blake who did his interview was the last one too do it in 05.. congrats Francis!

Congrats to Tiafoe, he has been playing a very high quality of game recently. Rafa is definitely not winning us open this year.. I dare anyone Stop Rafa not winning us open 2022. Nadal was 22-0 at Slams this year. Well done to Tiafoe, he earned it.

Stunning from Tiafoe. Rafa may not be fit lately but this was still quite brilliant from him. He’s having an insane run so far. He was close to a famous scalp all those years ago against Federer in 2017 in the first round at this very place.

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Then had a tight one against Djokovic in AO last year. But finally gets one over one of the big three guys, here in Rafa. Incredible stuff. He’s come a long way and it’s been overdue since he had Federer close at this very place 5 years ago.

Now only one more former champ, Cilic, is remaining and if he bowes out too, we’ll yet again guarantee another new US Open champion for the 3rd year running.

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