Gold Plated Jhumka Designs for Women

Gold plated jewelry are most popular now in India. More than 70% Indian people like this gold plated jewelry. So today, we will share some of the best gold plated jhumka designs.

It will be very flattering for you. So, don’t miss for collecting this jewelry. Here are all information available about this gold plated jhumka designs.

So you can easily buy this jhumka. Also we share seller what’s app number. Check out them. You can contact them. Also you can contact me. So, let’s talk about it.

1. Gold plated jhumka

FB IMG 1680577376350

  • Per design Price: 600 Rs (Fixed) 
  • 1 grams gold jhumka
  • Simple design
  • Contact number: +91 70472 73693 (for direct oder )


2. Jhumka

FB IMG 1680577374309


3. Jhumka

FB IMG 1680577372655


3. Gold plated jhumka designs

FB IMG 1680577370847


4. Jhumka

FB IMG 1680577363068



6. Jhumka

FB IMG 1680577364853


FB IMG 1680577366603


FB IMG 1680577368841


 FB IMG 1680577358916


FB IMG 1680577356592

All design price are same .


FB IMG 1680577353577


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