Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Game Highlights

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Game Highlights. Seeing us play with an offense designed in this century is so much fun. In a more competitive game, JJ goes over 200 easily. Secondly, I hope this goes to show how insanely good Danielle hunter is. The Vikings were a 12-15 defense last year prior to his injury, 31-32md post injury.

The Vikings looked excited to play and energized, like they were having fun. It was awesome to see them play like that and to beat the Packers. Honestly seeing Kirk get all that protection when passing makes me happy. Good things happen when Kirk isn’t too pressured.

I was expecting a second half typical Viking blunder but it NEVER HAPPENED. I’m liking the changes the Vikings have made. Been saying for years that they need to shore up that defense. They were impressive today. Everything fell in to place, showing exactly what every Viking fan knew they were capable of!

Vikings looked dominant today, keeping the explosive Packers off of the scoreboard for so long, they are going to be exciting this year to compete for the playoffs!

I really hope Kirk silences a lot of haters and critics this year with a real offensive minded play caller and head coach. He’s had some monster years, key game winning plays (zimmer normally cancelled these out with his d) and been all around stellar yet always gets so much hate.

It’s crazy just how much Mike Zimmer was hobbling this team. Vikes have had the pieces to do this for years, coach just couldn’t get out of the player’s damn way. Justin Jefferson is a beast dude, we got so many exciting young players to watch this year.

Love the Packers but oh my.. vikings really showed them how it was done! I noticed rodgers attempting some game changing plays but the recivers just weren’t there and this was a sight to see, curious to see how this season plays out and way to go vikings!

The Packers repeated their season opener from last season. The Vikings played very good. As a Packers fan, I’m going to give the Vikes their props!! They obviously played the better game this afternoon.

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