Handcrafted Baby Blue Crochet Blanket

A special handmade smooth baby crochet blanket in baby blue with adorable multi colored cottontail bunnies and fun pompoms on each end. This handcrafted beautiful blanket is made with love by women who support their families solely by doing this old technique of “Tambouring” known as crocheting. Each design is new and made with acrylic blend wool so they can be washed in the washing machine easily in cold water, and low dryer setting.

Handcrafted Baby Blue Crochet Blanket with Cottontails

Your directions are so easy to follow ! I started a blanket last week and the design is so beautiful. I have a lot of leftover yarn to use up and will be starting more. I am 77 and haven’t crocheted in many years. You really encouraged me to get back to my crochet hook.

This was my first crochet project! I used a cream colored baby yarn and I’m in love. I learned not to stress about counting the rows and just gauge by how big I wanted to make it as I went. I had such a good time making this…

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