Harrison Ford Gets Emotional Announcing The Next ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie at D23

Harrison Ford Gets Emotional Announcing The Next ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie at D23. I refuse to imagine a world without him. I will watch this movie with all my love and all my might. It’s great to hear genuine passion and energy coming from Harrison again. It’s not often he smiles so clips like this make it impossible to not sport a grin as well.

I feel like Harrison loves these films more than the star wars ones. Of course he’s the main guy as Indy but he shows way more emotion for this series. I’ve never seen him get this way! This must be something really special if he is getting so emotional because Harrison usually goes up there with a poker face and a grumble.

it will be a sad day when this man is gone I hope he lives a long life for years to come, a movie legend! I have faith in the director! After all, he did Logan, Ford v Ferrari and The Wolverine!!

Harrison Ford is a great actor, he played a villain in “What Lies Beneath” and committed. I thought he was a real evil person. It’s always nice when actors recognize their fans aka the only reason they get to do their job.

This was a little quid pro quo for him bringing back Han Solo. He never wanted to play Han Solo again but “somehow” Disney convinced him to play the role one last time, and he did.

It was always speculated, because Harrison Ford has always wanted to do another Indiana Jones movie, that Disney promised him another Indiana Jones movie if he did one last Star Wars movie. Quid Pro Quo. Looks like it’s finally happening. Happy for him.

It’s true. This is the last time he’ll appear on stage for Disney. Now that Star Wars and Indiana Jones is behind him, all the major franchises have concluded for him. That honestly makes me so sad to think about.

There’s no way this movie will be bad. From the director, to the writers, to the financial backing. This will be amazing. This is a man who is far warmer and kinder than the media give him credit for. Harrison Ford is a movie star and a legend and this moment suggests the movie is genuinely great. Can’t wait till June!

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