Hurricane Ian forms in Caribbean Sea

Here are all about Hurricane Ian forms in Caribbean Sea. I’m from Kentucky and have been going to Florida for years now. I want to let you folks know in the Tampa area that we are praying for you all. May this Storm weaken and hopefully there is no serious damage and obviously no serious injuries.

Thanks for the update on the weather Dave we are thankful in Guyana and all over the world especially the hurricane countries my prayers are with them stay safe every one. Thank you for your calm and thorough explanation. My Tampa Bay and close proximity Floridians, we are thinking of you in Miami.

Here are all about Hurricane Ian forms in Caribbean Sea

I am praying for all of you in Florida and I hope this storm weakens as it comes your way and may all of you stay safe i am from Houston Texas.

Anyone who hasn’t done their prep, make sure you do it today! Flashlights, water, important paperwork, non perishable food and fill up your bath tubs with water. Don’t forget your pets too! We’ve got this guys.

depends on your location, but I wouldn’t keep dogs outside for any storm let alone a hurricane! Check your roof replacement policy. You might be in the category of people who may need to pay 75% of the cost if it is 10 years or older and an asphalt roof.

I’m praying for us in Florida and for my Family and everybody in Pinar del Río, Cuba! The less thing they need now is an hurricane!

thank you for such a detailed and informed delivery of this! many people dont understand how storms work but you guys do a great job at explaining how storms work!

Yes, have batteries for flashlights. In addition, those tiny little battery powered tealights, if placed near a mirror, reflect enough light for bathrooms and overnight. They last for hours, too. I keep them with my emergency supplies. (Hurricane Ian)

Love seeing some of these comments of people in America making this storm about politics and wishing the worst on others, but yet all the people in the caribbean are sending their best wishes to one another. Stay safe everyone.

With the 5 to 8 feet storm surges, any one situated along the Redington & Madeira beaches, Treasure Island zone, etc. on the barrier would be absolutely crazy if chose not to leave as the elevation is only 3 feet [1 meter] above sea level along the main road there.

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Dave pack your bags (Like Jed Clampett) your intelligence and communication skills have you headed Phila. Home of Comcast, you will become a national network weather talking head. Great work, even an Irishman like me understands!

Stroke survivor here, try to improve my communication skills by weaving complex compliments. A genuine compliment, perhaps hyperbolic. Apology 4 coming off as snarky.


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