INSTANT REACTION: Bailey Zappe nearly leads Patriots to upset victory in Green Bay

INSTANT REACTION: Bailey Zappe nearly leads Patriots to upset victory in Green Bay. This is what it must feel like to be a Jets fan when your team is last place in the division. 20 years of winning it was bound to happen.

Best Reaction Bailey Zappe nearly leads Patriots to upset victory in Green Bay

Well, unfortunately moral victories don’t count! But he played well under the circumstances. I hope he starts next week! Very very unhappy about the play calling in OT with the ball on the 50

Also, the last time a starter got hurt and a very young qb came in we know what happened. Give Bailey Zappe another week with prep with the 1s during the week and a game plan set for him.

Mac I bet was pretty nervous watching this in Boston. I want to see this kid start and get a whole 60, still not sure about Mac long term and questioning if Mac can control his emotions which as a qb is a concern.

This is a well managed game by Bill and his coaches. Almost pulled it off, is saying a lot. The lines did well and the running game stepped up. Frankly, almost all players made contributions.

Future games will depend on getting the rookie QB going and once again, managing each game as it comes. Who does that better than Bill?

I think this L would have been easier to take but punting the ball is inexcusable, the world knew the game was a wrap at that point. Your punt returner took it to the 50, all you need is 10 yards in 4 plays to set up a FG, completely inexcusable.

Mac Jones and tyquan Thornton can’t come back soon enough. Need to have a real weapon on the play action. mac has been pretty bad its Bailey Zappe time we thought mac was the one but… it could be Bailey Zappe i like him and we ran the ball a few too many times he earned the right the throw at least 2 of 3 downs in overtime.

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I hope Mac clears his head during his injury recovery. When he comes back, less turnovers and better awareness. I’m so tired of the Pats the past 3 years…

So if we go the rest of the year, celebrating moral victories, will we celebrate the Pats upcoming 5-12 season? LOL they’ll be fine. They’ve lost to two teams that are better than they are. Now they’re about play four teams that are much worse than they are.

if we can just not get hurt that’d be great. injuries make a difference and sadly some of these guys can’t suck up their injuries and play. these games matters you know.

the bozos who are injured. you have cajuste who don’t even play and he’s hurt. meyers i love him dearly but how is it that he played solid for two games and all of a sudden he has a knee injury. how bad was lawrence guys shoulder. i get mac jones bc that’s a high ankle sprain but the others like come on.

When I see other Patriot fans comparing Zappe to Tom Brady I just laugh. Some of our fanbase is so embarrassing that it is funny.

Explain to me please how this team makes so many Penalties and WIN 1st round draft choice, 4 years in the league goes offside on a critical set of downs, So with 4 games down 1/4 of the season could the Pats go 4 and 13 and capture the #1 draft pick ?

There aren’t any cupcakes coming up there all 50/50 games we could easily loose maybe need to start looking to the draft unless Mac somehow comes back next week. Bailey Zappe is an NFL games player.

Haha that first touchdown from the Patriots wasn’t suppose to count, it was a delay of game and refs didn’t called it. (Bailey Zappe)

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