This is an actual case study of my journey into investing in Florida tax lien certificates.

I will use my own funds and invest in this asset class for the first time and share my experience with you.

This course will look at the State of Florida only.

Most of the counties in the state conduct their auctions online.  And each of these counties use a third-party to run conduct these auctions and to run the software on their websites.

We will look at two of these companies that handle most of the counties within the state.

  • Grant Street (LienHub) – for Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Dade (Miami)
  • RealTaxLien (Real Auction) – for Sarasota and Polk County

My strategy for this investment is to not use the tax lien certificates as a way of owning real property.

My goal is to find properties that will redeem quickly so I can earn a return on investment that is greater than the money earned by leaving it in a bank and is secured by real estate.

Interest rates on tax lien certificates in the state of Florida start out at 18% and then get bid downwards in a reverse-style auction.

We will also discuss tax deed applications and the auctions that arise from these applications after the redemption period has expired.  This is a way for the tax lien certificate holder to force a foreclosure sale.

There are also county-held certificates that can be purchased at any time that accrue interest at an 18% annual return.


I am not an investment professional.  Please discuss any investment with the appropriate professionals to see if this would make sense for your personal situation.

Who this course is for:

  • Students that want to learn about investing in Florida Tax Lien Certificates
  • Students that want to learn an alternative form of real estate investing
  • Students that want to discover an alternative method of investing for income.


  • A desire to learn about one way of investing in real estate that is not very well understood but can be done with a minimal investment.
  • Only individuals with social security numbers from the United States or entities with tax identification numbers will be able to register on the auction sites.
  • An understanding of Microsoft Excel will be useful as that is the tool the instructor will use to filter his selection for auction.

Last updated 6/2019


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