Jamie Lee Curtis: Award Acceptance Speech Reaction | 29th Annual SAG Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis spinning in circles at the end of her speech not knowing where to exit is BIG MOOD. What a hilarious genuine soul. It was my 2nd favorite moment of the show, i was hoping she’d disappear like Mario. But it didn’t happen. As a die-hard horror fan, it’s awesome to see Jamie win this award.

Finally a “nepo baby” who owns it. Allison Williams did the same thing and I respect the hell out of that. That’s all people really want in the whole “nepo baby” discussion. People who are comfortable with admitting they got a leg up, but stayed because of their talent. That’s literally it. If someone is secure and comfortable with their acting abilities, they should have no problem with the discussion. It’s the nepo babies who get all defensive and act like they got where they are based on talent alone and had nothing to do with their parents’ industry connections that annoy everyone.

Very moving speech, especially in her case the “nepo baby” argument is absolutely stupid, she has more than proven her talent all these years and earned her title as a great, respected actress.

I just absolutely adore everyone in the movie. It was wildly brilliant and emotional and moving and I loved it so much. It was a freaking masterpiece! Finally, she gets the recognition that she deserves. Definitely one of the best actresses of our times.

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