Jane Fonda Diagnosed With Cancer

Jane Fonda Diagnosed With Cancer. I watched “Cat Ballou” the other day. A classic! Jane Fonda’s fight and courage will translate to her real life battle! Get well soon, lovely!

Shes talking about having health insurance and how lucky she is. Shes lucky because she doesn’t have to wait in line, and yes privileged for having it at least she does realize it’s not fair she’s privileged.

But Hanoi Jane belongs to Hollywood royalty so she’s given a pass. My prayers to you. I remember meeting you in 1972 at the Berkeley.

Demonstration gathering hearing you speak strongly about the war , Nixon and other things. Your a strong individual made of steel I was fascinated of your strength strong spirit. Get well Ms. Fonda the world still needs you.  The China syndrome is my all time favorite film of yours.

Sending healing energy to this beautiful queen. Yes Bob! I love her so much! Ben watching Georgia rule everyday this week.

She is getting the best of treatment anyway. How ever u can never heal cancer with poison. I wish her the best. Good vibes,do not give up,your an amazing lady, actress and beautiful.

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Like everything else in this “Legends” life she will rally and meet it at the door and move passed it for the fighter she is. Sending love and light on a revolving loop. Blessings. Peace to the World.

They said, OMG stop showing this stupid “celebrities w/ cars” promo after every video – yes, we know celebrities have cars & no one cares.

God bless the dynamic Miss Fonda. I’m so glad her prognosis is good. I pray she makes it through just fine. So many people are suffering with hardly no one in their corner. I pray they find an end to their pain and suffering as well.

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