Jane Fonda diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Jane Fonda diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We Love You..hope your getting the best pain killers! Wish you a speedy recovery.

It is very treatable! Governor Larry Hogan / Republican from the great state of Maryland successfully fought that exact same cancer! Shortly after he was elected ! Hogan did not vote for or support 45!

He has been elected twice in a BLUE state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1! He also signed a bill to out law FRACKING in the state of Maryland October 1,2017! Progressive Democrat here!

I ALWAYS vote BLUE! Good luck to Jane Fonda! I hope like Hogan ,she beats this cancer too! I suggest Hanoi Jane go to Vietnam for her cancer treatment. Either there or Mexico where they will do it for half-price.

Had prostate cancer 20 years ago with 30 days max to be treated.. Picked a treatment option, tests just confirmed still cancer free. I did not tell anybody at the time, didn’t really care what anybody else thought, I decided to get treatment and then forget about it, stay busy.

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In terms of life problems, maybe in bottom 5 percent. My parents and brother dying was way harder. I can’t imagine telling the whole world. Kept thinking, “there are people that have 100 kidney stones a day, this is nothing.”

I’m glad Jane Fonda said she has health insurance. Why? CT scans to check the size of your lymph glands without insurance or Medicare could cost $12,000.00 each time.

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I recently just watched Monster In Law with Jlo for the first time. It was a cute movie and I just remember thinking that Jane did a good job as themother in law from hell.. She truly is an iconic actress.

She is in my prayers and will over come this. Grace & Frankie got me through hard times and i will always be grateful for her making me laugh and bringing joy back into my life. you got this Jane Fonda.

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