Jaylen Brown GOES OFF For 41 Points In Celtics W!

There’s no excuse for him not playing his entire career in BOS. He’s improved in every way and he’s a matchup nightmare. actually there is, too much credit to Jason Tatum. But JB is same level if not better than him.

Jaylen Brown GOES OFF For 41 Points In Celtics

He just showed his Greatness, Jaylen is one of the top NBA hoopers of this era you can’t deny it.

No excuse of him not playing his entire career in Boston now , and definitely now after this game , he was just Unstoppable.

“Tatum is better” “Brown is better” bro they’re literally teammates who are equally as good. It’s Celtics fans who clearly don’t want to see their team win for whatever reason and Celtics haters who want to see this great duo separated spewing this bs, it’s annoying asf to see him be driven out like this bro.

Jaylen brown is on another level when he’s locked in. Like a mini Jordan scoring on step backs, slashing to the basket, sniping 3s,fadeaways,highlight real dunks, lay up package,pull up middies, he low key got some airness to his game.

Has all the tools to be a number 1 on his own team some day. Man you don’t know what you are talking about. Jaylen is not making a lot of turnovers. Tatum made much more on the last games.

Remember when boston fans booed this man coz they want Kris Dunn over Him. Now where is Dunn? What happen to simmons? How about Ingram? JB is a hardworker and way better to all of them.

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Masked Jaylen is a problem. And for folks continuing to say Brown > Tatum are big mad that their team don’t have a dynamic duo like those two. Banner 18 on the way real soon.

how the f did wind blows and tatum gets free throws and brown gets hit by a truck and there’s no foul? Tatum is part of the superstar program. Nonsense foul calls in your favor is one of the perks.

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