Justin Herbert in pain after taking hit vs. Chiefs

Justin Herbert in pain after taking hit vs. Chiefs. Clean hit all the way to the ground. He even landed on the side of Herbert to avoid a penalty for landing on the quarterback. It’s football get over it. It’s a man’s sport. You obviously never played football. You get hit hard sometimes and that’s the risk you’re taking.

As a chiefs fan I respect he still got a TD after this, was clearly in pain. He’s in so much pain. He can’t make throws. He almost threw two picks on two straight plays. They’d honestly be better off putting in Chase Daniel and protecting Herbert from further injury. This game is pretty much out of their reach, especially with Herbert’s injury.

Herbert is the definition of a true QB! He’s definitely a future HOF he’s only going to get better! While I’m impressed with the grit, I pray he doesn’t keep playing through shit like that unless it’s playoffs. That shit killed Andrew luck.

cheifs fan here, I hope he isn’t seriously hurt, he played a hell of a game and except for the one pick 6 he out played mahomes by far and it would be amazing if he could be healthy for the rest of the season so we could play him again, great job chargers yall gave me multiple heart attacks tonight lol, looking forward to the rematch.

No! I hope he isn’t seriously hurt! That could be a huge blow to the Chargers! Hoping he can have a smooth recovery. Dude they really were pushing their luck putting him out their with an injury like this, another good hit and their season could have been over.

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Not sure why they keep telling Jalen to stop running. People are so adamant about the possibility of getting g hurt because he s running. Your more likely to get hurt in the pocket as a qb. Not saying g all qb’s should run but running doesn’t increase your chance of injury. Sitting there does. look at Dak.

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