Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Leave Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Together w/ Queen Consort Camilla

Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Leave Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Together w/ Queen Consort Camilla. It’s wonderful to see Prince George, and Princess Charlotte at the funeral. They are so well behaved. I cried multiple times during both processionals this morning.  We will not see the likes of this type of state funeral in our lifetimes.  It truly was stunning, emotionally moving and worth watching.

I am truly amazed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte behaved so well during the entire funeral. This can be very hard for an adult to endure much less for a child. Princess Katherine must be very proud of them both!!!

The entire Royal family comported themselves with immense dignity and composure. The Princes and Princess of Wales should be very proud of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, their behavior was perfect.

The Queen may not be here to encourage the brothers to mend the differences between them, but her prayers are in God’s heart and hands and he is always working to bring the answers to them and all our prayers, even after the ones who pray them are gone!!! God never sleeps or slumbers and he never stops working to bring his will to pass!!

I watched funeral procession this morning I adored the queen I’m an American very special lady thqe children acted appropriately today was about the queen not of anything else only the queen I wish them the best the grieving process will be long rest your majesty you work for 70 years for your country the Commonwealth and your family may God bless and keep King Charles.

I’m Canadian and I was touched beyond measure as to how beautiful the Queen’s funeral service was. I had a lump in my throat when they removed the crown.

No one does it better than the British…not one man out of place..all so precise coordination..much respect to the men an women who were all involved in this time of sorrow. I’m just glad Sarah, Duchess of York, was invited and seated amongst the family.

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