Kate Middleton Shares Prince Louis’ Words About Queen’s Death

Kate Middleton Shares Prince Louis’ Words About Queen’s Death. “Kate Middleton” That brings tears to my eyes. When my Mother unexpectedly passed away one year after my Father, one of the little granddaughters said that too.”Grandma is with Grandpa now.” It is so nice that the Queen was close to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They will all have fond memories of her.

William must be so pleased that his children got to know their great-grandmother , grew up with her and will have fond memories of her . They are at an age where they will still remember her as they get older .

The Princess of Wales was mocked for years and branded “ Waity Katie”… William just showed everyone that the 20 years his wife spent with getting to know his grandmother will not be lost . The Princess of Wales has built a strong foundation for her family and young children.

What a sweetie Prince Louis is. He knows that his great-grandmother The Queen is with his great-grandfather Prince Philip. In just a short few months, it goes to show Prince Louis has matured. I love watching the Prince & Princess of Wales & their 3 children!

The three children are sweetie adorable kids.They are lucky to see and be with their great grandparents who people adored. Uncanny Princess Charlotte looks like her great- grandmother. She embodies her Spirit lives on.

I think it is exceedingly special that the “royal terror” (that only the parents of a 4 year old child know they can be in public ) is the one to give words to a precious thought that all persons experiencing the loss of a much loved friend or relative need to remember: the grandmother is not alone even though she is not present here. Bravo Louis. Well done Mom and Dad.

May the Queen rest in peace and God continue to protect and bless the RF and King Charles! How precious, I love watching these 3 Royal Children grow up, they are a joy!

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According to the Washington Post, seven out of ten people alive have never known another British monarch. She is a wonderful person who has lived a wonderful life. My thoughts today are with the British people, and the commonwealth of nations.

What a sweetie. So lucky to have had her in their lives. When Charlotte was a baby I saw the Queen Straight away. It’s in the DNA. You can’t buy Or Rent that. Or Photoshop it.

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