Khloé Kardashian FED UP With Kanye West’s Attacks on Kim

Here are all about Khloé Kardashian FED UP With Kanye West’s Attacks on Kim. Kanye needs to remember one thing, “YOU NEVER GO AGAINST THE FAMILY “ you just might come up missing, just like Jimmy Hoffa!

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The Adams family needs to remember one thing “Kanye is a billionaire and business man ” I am not for kanye at all..But let!s be real here,they are not about that life..!!He is from Chicago,let’s not forget..And trust and believe he does know people ..Who are really about that life..

I cant help but notice that Kim K. – & Khloé Kardashian, both, appear to have great empathy ~ for their guys no matter how extremely sensitive they may be to them and their mental/emotional, health,

leading to often, an irrational take on what happens to be the path of least resistance, at present. That’s how they act in the public eye but I guarantee you it isn’t that way behind closed doors.

That’s the kinda call out energy she needs with Tristan. Khloe is FED UP with Kanye tearing down Kim and I’m FED UP with Khloe and Kim (and the rest of their family) being entitled culture vultures and tearing down black men and the black community for their financial gain.

Dang, these comments are so bitter lol. Love seeing a sister stand up for her sister in a respectful way. Sometimes we get the strength for others that we don’t yet have for ourselves. Good for Khloé Kardashian. He needs to respect himself. He’s embarrassing himself, again.

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But don’t they do that to all of their ex’s? Drag their names until everyone hates them? Kris Humphries Reggie Bush Tristan. Tristan has been used for so many of their shows episodes to the point where it’s getting worn completely out.

Kanye may need inpatient care. He whines about black folks always crying victim. Yet he cries that he is victim of the Kardashians because he is a black father. U can’t have it both ways dude.

I get where Khloe is coming from but one minor Kanye is denied his kids next he’s the one picking his kids up everyday from school and Kim is on interviews talking about “Kanye is a great dad we are doing well in co-parenting and I value his opinion so much” then Kanye posting how he lost his queen and in interviews praising her for being a good mom.

Sounds like the whole Black China switch up about to happen again. Remember how Khloe stood up for Kylie against black China then ended up looking like a clown after Kylie posted that pic with China talking about “we were friends all along.”. I’d continue to stay out of this one. A phone call or personal text would have been better. Leave the media war between the two.

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Enough about Khloe Kardashian, you can’t fix stupid. Boycott all Kardashian/Jenner media, products, and endorsements. kris probably has a video of her stashed away just deciding what angle is best. she should be fed up with her own ex.

Don’t she got her own drama she need to be worried about. Kanye is taking it too far, i understand Kim and Khloe’s frustration. Kanye just lies on social media to be mean and petty, he’s so childish for his age.

Khloe need to mind her own business ,and focus on her ex Tristan, and the children. Kim can defend herself. She’s not a baby. Khloe is right, Kanye needs to be taken down. We’re all sick of him.

This is old move on they r trying to pump up their show. Kim can defend herself. She’s not a baby.

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