King Charles’ Nickname for Meghan and Other Bombshells from The New Royals

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Here are all about King Charles’ Nickname for Meghan and Other Bombshells from The New Royals

You got this??? Someone must be watching the same cartoons as my 3 year old grandson. do you know how often the British tabloids and royal experts mention Archie and Lilibet names in a negative way and they are innocent children whom are not titled and names are not styled as any past or present British royal!!!

I don’t think anyone has an issue with Harry and Meagan’s kids. They have a problem with Harry and Meagan. I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything negative about the babies.

“An alternative royal court ……”

Except one problem – WE DON’T HAVE ROYALTY HERE IN THE U.S.

Meh, I doubt it’s “doing Royal their own way” since we see 99% of “royals” (former and current) as little more than celebrities and politicians here lol. King Charles

Katie Nicholls should be banned from speaking about the royal family ever again. She has crossed the line with her book targeting Prince George. She is putting out false headlines to benefit her book. (King Charles)

To be honest, George probably said that to defend himself. Let’s not lie and say the royal kids won’t get bullied. In Harry’s book it is still only one side of a story.  Harry must realise there are always two sides of every story.

Also that they cannot expect to have titles of Prince and Princess bestowed upon their children when so many of the British people genuinely question the children existence, or whether they are actual genetic or otherwise biological children of H & M.

It’s just a most bizarre situation. (And while the King of England should have access to the best photographers, still that is the BEST portrait of the new “Fab 4”.

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WTF? Why is she writing in a book what a 9yr old boy may’ve said on a school playground? Stalking him? Talking to parents or other children? Creepy. Leave the young Prince alone. (King Charles)

Look at the body language. Who is standing out and who is the supportive party in this “pair.” Very sad that this has turned in such a negative direction for all involved.

Why does people take a big deal when George said his Father will be King. He will be King though, both of them. Kids have different intentions when they brag, different from the intentions adults have. And they do brag about their parents, their toys, or the ordinary things they saw with their playful brains.

There is no proof that Prince George made any such statement and she should not have put that in her book. Harry is the spare that isn’t needed now.  He should go make his way. It would be nice if he could get past bashing his family.  Doesn’t seem like a long career choice.

Doubtful he will bring out anything that’s not been heard before.  Harry could talk about his bisexuality rumors and Meg being Andrew’s yacht girl. That would explain why they are always vague about how they met. That stuff would be interesting.

No! There isn’t royal their way or another way. They’re trying to establish that here in the United States which is ridiculous. She ain’t no princess and it’s a simple as that.

So the royals release a pic then Megan is like “well we are going to release a pic too. Bc you know I can’t stop copying what kate does or wears” (King Charles)

I feel prince George might be like his uncle Harry and his sister will take the throne of becoming the future queen. It’d be nice to see British people stop bullying Meghan. “Doing royal a different way?” You mean like being a celebrity.

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